hOMe Sweet hOMe

Welcome to the place where psychology, coaching, & yoga collide becoming a catalyst for growth in your life!

Within these pages you will see my heart’s desire……to help you live a VIBRANT & DEEPLY SATISFYING life that you deserve.

But why would I want to do that? Because I know that when you connect with who you truly are & your heart’s desires then you WILL make the world a better place by simply being YOU.

Deep down you know you are made to do great things with this life that you have been given; sadly, many of us get stuck or even worse, torn down by the world & people around us. My friend, that is not the life meant for you. You are meant to live a life that you love; a life where you SHINE! and when you are in that place filled with love, excitement, & pure joy then you begin to share that with others encouraging them to live their best life ever!


My tools & techniques to help open & prepare you for CHANGE on your life’s journey include:

YOGA: get to know your body & mind, your strengths & weaknesses, and important life lessons on & off the mat. Not to mention the rockin’ physical health benefits of a yoga practice.

MEDITATION: increases your self-awareness and acceptance; brings about balance, stability, and inner peace

LIFESTYLE CHANGE COACHING: this is not your everyday run of the mill coaching! I pull from years of psychology research & proven coaching techniques to help you CONQUER what is holding you back from living the life of your DREAMS! I work with those who want to live out their heart’s desires. Women who are committed to truly LIVING LIFE instead of just existing. Those who are young @ heart who want to share their INNER LIGHT & BEAUTY to make the world a better place.

The world needs YOU.

You are a UNIQUE individual, with specific needs & desires..with that in mind, your sessions are geared towards YOU to help you UNLOCK your inner power & strengths.

Come on in, make yourself comfortable, & when you are ready to take this journey together, we will.



❤ April